Get Unready With Me

Get Unready with me! Creative blogger Emily r. Hess takes us behind the scenes of her night time skin care ritual

Work day done, silky robe on, high bun secured - time to take a moment for yourself. It is never too late to start a new healthy habit and nourish your skin. I haven’t always had a bedtime skin care routine, I used to be guilty of wash my face as quickly as possible (or skipping altogether) and jumping into bed. Implementing a few extra steps with double cleansing, serums, and a facial mist, makes all the difference in clearing up your complexion. I am going to take you lovelies through my process of getting unready and include some of my favorite tips and products. Get your glow on!

Hydrate your face using serums and eye cream to wake up glowing and brilliant each day!

1. Oil Cleanse

First, I start by adding a little oil cleanser to my face. In the video you can watch how I apply it with an upward motion!

Keep your skin young, healthy, and beautiful! Build a skincare routine to keep your skin glowing and brilliant no matter where you are in life

2. Facial Massage

As I apply the oil, I like to give my skin a little tlc with a mini facial massage. To do so I gently wipe my skin in an circular direction and away from the center of my face. The cleanser and the massage helps drain anything icky away, reduces swelling, and even helps fight a little bit of a cold.


3. Warm Compress

After cleansing and massaging, I like to do a warm compress by holding a damp washcloth over my face for 30 seconds. Then simply wipe off your face Not only does this step remove your makeup, it helps me and my skin take a moment to relax and settle after a long day.

Charcoal cleanser is so good for your skin and keeping it clean. Use an exfoliating pad to unblock pores and wash your face clean.

4. Charcoal Cleanse

I love using charcoal on my face. The type I am using right now and in today’s youtube video is full of great ingredients like orange peel. With the charcoal cleanser I use a little scrubber on my face, like an exfoliating pad from amazon, that gets deeper into my pores.

Washing your face each day is important, but so it giving it the hydration it needs

5. Hyaluronic Acid

I use a variety of serums to hydrate my face. Although I have no idea how to pronounce this super skin ingredient, I know that when I add it to my routine, I wake up glowing and hydrated. You are never too young to start giving your skin the hydration it needs!

Here are some of the oils and products I use to hydrate and clean my face each night. Developing a nightly skin care routine is so important to nourish your skin, relax, and stay healthy

6. Light Facial Oil

Massage a light, refreshing oil into your face using outwards and upwards motions. You never want to crush the skin in so avoid going to fast or scrubbing in all directions.

I like to apply a nice eye cream every night to my eyes, eyebrow bones, wherever I put highlighter, and my cuticles to keep them fresh and ready for when I wake up

7. Eye Cream

No matter where you are in life, a gentle eye cream can solve so many problems. I love this product! I add it to my cheekbones as well - wherever I would put highlighter. Then, I gently rub it along my eyebrow ridge and wipe the extra on my cuticles. It’s too good to waste!

Creative blogger Emily r hess shares the secrets behind her skincare routine such as a hydrating hyaluronic acid mist to keep her skin fresh

8. Hydrating Mist

With the same hyaluronic acid as the serum before, this mist is a refreshing touch to my unreadying process. The mist helps my skin receive moisture through the night so it is fresh and ready in the morning.


Check out my newest youtube video, “Get Unready with Me,” to go through the process with me and see how all the serums and cleansers are applied!

After my skin care routine, I brush my teeth with a charcoal bamboo toothbrush (that I also get from Amazon- it's such a great site for these things). Then, I hit the pillow for a refreshing and soothing night of sleep.

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Implementing a routine for my skin each night has helped me relax and I give my face a nice glow to wake up to at the same time. Do you have any nighttime skin care rituals to share? Add your ideas in the comments section below!