10 Cheap Christmas Date Night Ideas!

For a relationship to grow, you have to water it. No matter if you’re six months dating or six years married, prioritizing time for you and your love to cherish each other is key to a thriving partnership.

During the Holidays, our calendars and wallets can feel a bit tighter. That doesn’t have to mean date night goes out the window for December! Justin and I love the simple things this time of year that remind us of our childhood - from fresh cut trees to baking cookies and driving around to look at the most elaborately lit houses.  You don’t need much money to get in the Christmas spirit. Here are 10 budget-friendly ways to make memories and spread the cheer!

cheap-christmas-date-night (14).jpg

1. Cut down a tree & decorate while you listen to carols.

2. Put on PJ’s & watch a Christmas movie marathon.

cheap-christmas-date-night (9).jpg

3. Jump in the car & go Christmas light spotting.

4. Have a gingerbread house building competition.

5. Invite friends to your place for a fun game night.

6. Sit by the fire & set goals for the New Year.

7. Go to a garden near you for festive botanicals.

8. Dress up & attend a Holiday show, play, or ballet.

9. Bring family members cookies & visit with them.

10. Buy a drink for yourselves & the person behind you.

Share your favorite way to feel festive in the comments below!