10 Ways To Hygge-up Your Home for Fall

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The danish concept ‘hygge’, pronounced hoo-guh, is all about staying cozy and positive through the cold weather months. Your environment plays a major role in your mental wellness and happiness - we can all use a little extra boost of  serotonin this time of year as the days grow colder and we lack vitamin D from the sun. With a few touches of Scandinavian decor, warm elements, and bright whites, your space will feel open and welcoming after coming home from a long work day. Bring even more hygge into your home through calming music, candles, and a warm drink to sip while you unwind.  

Hygge is about staying cozy and positive. Writer Emily Hess wraps herself in thick blankets and sips on tea to stay warm.

1. Declutter.

Dust the shelves, sweep your floors, tidy up the laundry. A clean space clears your mind for more creative space.

Use baskets for organizing magazines, cords, and really any clutter you want to make aesthetically pleasing.

Staying cozy and positive is what hygge is all about. Dusting off a bright white book shelf opens up a room for creativity

2. Add texture.

I love pulling out my chunky throws this time of year to bring sweater weather style to my home.

Woven accents feel really warm and give your room Scandi-vibes.

Sheepskins and blankets are a no-brainer for cold weather decor and to Hygge up your home. They are so versatile for laying

3. Choose winter whites.

White or cream pillows brighten up your space even on a dull overcast day.

Sheepskins are a no-brainer for cold weather decor. They are so versatile for laying over a chair, couch arm, or woven basket.

Bring the outdoors in doors to hygge up your home for the cold winter months. Plants brighten a room and give it a little extra shine

4. Bring the outside inside.

Eucalyptus, pampas grass, dried flowers are the perfect natural elements to add to your vases this time of year.

5. Warm up your lighting.

Switch LED lights for softer light bulbs.

Hang string lights or lay out a strand of starry lights on your dresser.

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6. Light candles.

Choose cozy scents like pine, sandalwood, vanilla or cinnamon.

7. Bring in cozy lifestyle decor.

Use books as decor on your shelves or coffee table.

8. Hang reminders to be present + positive.

Pick a print or two to hang on your walls  with inspiring words to lift your spirits, even on a grey day.

Warm lighting and soft candles helps brighten a room and hygge up a house for the winter

9. Play relaxing tunes to help you unwind.

Listen to my slow + steady playlist on Spotify!

10. Make a warm drink and read a book.

I’ve been making coffee in this copper french press this fall and love whipping up my at-home PSL while I chill out with a good read!

Blogger cuddles with her woven blankets, sipping tea, after hygge -ing up her home for the fall season. Sweaters and candles are in!