In the Life of Danielle Lehman

Danielle and I go way back to the days of summer camp and capture the flag. Some time later, thanks to the internet and social media, we reconnected, finding that our interests and career paths were intersecting and we would probably get along quite well. 

We walked throughout our beautiful native city of downtown Lancaster on a breezy overcast autumn morning, chatting about where life has taken us after all of these years and our dreams for the future. At the end of our photoshoot, we found ourselves deep in dialogue staring out a window of a little cafe. I was reminded - this is the richness of photography. It's so much more than pretty pictures, it's people and friendship.

Danielle is one of those people who doesn't realize how cool they actually are. She's quirky in personality, vibrant and energetic, welcoming and relatable. Grab a cup of coffee and join our conversation.

Who is Danielle Lehman?

Honestly I hate this question, I never know what to say when someone asks this but here I go… I am a freshman at Philadelphia University and I am studying Business Marketing and Fashion Merchandising. As a Christian, being in the fashion industry and attending a private liberal arts school is not the easiest. I am always down for an adventure or a Netflix binge (New Girl, Mindy Project, and This Is Us are my current obsessions). I am a strong believer in eating sweet and salty foods at the same time but never mixing them. 

How did your modeling career begin?

My modeling career is very unique in that I really didn’t go out of my way to start it. I was very fortunate to be approached by one of my mom’s patients about modeling and he had many connections in the industry and with many agencies and he threw me into ‘the ring’. 

What tips would you give to someone wanting to break into the modeling industry?

I think it is really important to have good pictures of yourself, it isn’t required by a lot of agencies because if you don’t have good quality ones they will have you get some after you sign with them. But it definitely gives you a step up and you can get jobs much faster after you are signed if you already have the good headshots. 

Any insider secrets you’ve learned on set?

One thing that is SO important that I have learned is you need to be able to move around in front of the camera. On my first ever paid photoshoot I was extremely nervous and the makeup artist actually gave me the tip to move a little bit every time that you hear the camera click. Even if it just shifting your weight from one side to the other, every different movement creates a different look.  

What items do you always have in your bag?

Because I am in college i don’t have a purse on me very often, but I am rarely seen without my backpack on me. Because of different classes, the contents of my backpack are changing by the hour, but I always have my laptop, hand sanitizer, pens, my phone and candy. 


What is your current daydream?

My current daydream….. hmmmm I would have to say that my current daydream is to be going on an adventure with my best friend - definitely somewhere warm - I’m not about this cold weather. 

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