Early Autumn Wear with Aubrey

As the air starts to cool down, our wardrobes begin to warm up. Long sleeves, soft textures, leather booties, rich colours emerge. Transitioning to autumn attire tends to take more forethought and detail than the carefree tee and denim cutoffs of long summer days. September fashion is a favorite of mine, as it delicately overlaps breezy pieces with the weightier layers of late fall. 

Today, the boho beauty, Aubrey is going to be sharing her fashion story. Grab a cup of tea and read on!

All photos by Emily Weaver

Tank - Forever21, Jeans - Abercrombie, Boots - Tommy Hilfiger

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I am currently a sophomore at Penn State University, University Park, studying Marketing in the Smeal College of Business. I have a love for animals (especially my two handsome pups), the outdoors, succulents (I currently have 36 pots of them), exploring new places, exercising, photography, and FASHION! I love incorporating my style and artsiness into everything I do - I had way too much fun decorating my new apartment in State College! I grew up in a small farm town in PA, and wouldn't have changed a thing about growing up in the middle of the tree farms. I met the love of my life, and best friend, during my sophomore year of high school (he's super artsy and fashionable too, how awesome is that!?). Although we go to different colleges now, there's no one I'd rather count down the days to see. I am extremely close to my parents, and they are truly the most wonderful people in the world. 

When it comes to my style, I love earthy tones and I have a very boho sense of style. I'm a warm weather person, so the only thing that gets me through late fall and winter is picking out cute chunky sweaters, fuzzy scarves, and warm boots. I feel like my fashion and what I'm wearing represents me very well, so I usually take my style pretty seriously. At school, I am focusing my interests in Fashion Marketing; my dream would be to someday work in the corporate offices of Free People, Urban Outfitters, or Anthropologie. So, for now, I just try to spend as much time admiring those brands as possible...    

Choker - Forever21, Small ring - Charlotte Russe, Big ring - Boutique

When did your interest in fashion spark? 

I have always been very artistic, and I look at fashion as a way to express that side of myself. My love of photography started when I was a sophomore in high school and I think my bohemian style kind of emerged with it. Fashion became a major interest of mine and I love discovering new trends. And now, I have plans of incorporating my love of fashion into my future career.

Skirt  - Abercrombie, Top - Forever21

Can you recall a nostalgic piece of clothing you adored as a child? 

I was quite the tomboy when I was younger. I wouldn't have been caught dead in a skirt or anything pink. I'm still very outdoorsy and athletic, but I actually enjoy wearing dresses and skirts now (thank God...). I think on of my favorite piece of clothing when I was younger was a hand-me-down tee shirt from my "big sister" (close family friend), Emily. She always used to give me her clothes when she would clean out her closet, until I grew to be taller than her! My favorite shirt I inherited was an American Eagle graphic tee. It was a kelly-green color with the saying "Walk barefoot in the grass and feel the sunshine on your shoulders" knit in white, pink, and blue on the front. It was (and is) very representative of me and I wore it practically once a week.

What are your go-to brands?

My go-to brands are anything from Urban Outfitters and Free People or look-a-likes of those brands. I have a very bohemian, natural style and I enjoy finding new brands that fit what I love to wear.

Sandals - Birkenstock

Do you have any tips for enjoying fashion when working with a college student budget? 

I like to think of myself as a smart shopper, especially now that I am a college student. One thing I definitely recommend is not getting attached to specific brands. As much as I love Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie, let's face it - sometimes they're just a bit too expensive. I like to treat myself to an item or two from those stores on special occasions, but I usually shop elsewhere to save money. Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Target and Forever 21 have saved me a lot of money over the years. It takes time to search through the racks at stores like that, but I can always find great discounted items to fit my style. 

Dress - Free People, Choker - Homemade

What trends are you most looking forward to wearing this autumn? 

I mostly wear very plain colors (white, navy, grey, black, dark green) and the occasional stripes or floral pattern. I have recently fallen in love with burnt orange, though. I will definitely be wearing that color a lot this fall! I love pairing ripped jeans with tanks and long, knit sweaters, and my favorite pair of cognac booties, too (I own everything cognac!). That's definitely one of my go-to looks. I just recently found a great pair of taupe, suede over-the-knee boots (TJ Maxx purchase, woo!) and I can't wait to wear them with leggings and a chunky sweater!