5 Things To Do This Christmas


Christmas is only one week away and it feels like the time will fly past us. This time of year is special and sacred for so many reasons. One, we celebrate the birth of our savior. Two, there are numerous opportunities to connect and reconnect with loved ones. Three, the year is coming to an end and we begin to dream about the new year to come. 


With full schedules, it can start to feel like the world is spinning and we are just floating along. Whenever I sense myself turning on 'auto-pilot', I know it's time to re-prioritize and think about what I really want to fill my days with this Christmas season. 


I came up with a list of 5 things I want to do before the end of the year. Nothing crazy here - each number is more of a mindset shifter, spirit booster, something to make your life feel more light and enjoyable (not just to add another thing to your to-do list). 

No. 1 

Decorate! I love getting a real evergreen tree every year because of the incredible scent and tradition from my childhood. Even if you can't get a tree this year, you can still get crafty with your decor and make your home feel like Christmas. It can be as simple as making a centerpiece by filling a plate with ornaments, greens, and pinecones. Or try an easy DIY like drying orange slices and making a garland. Making your space cozy and bright will feel so good to come home to after a long day. 


No. 2

Host! Being newly married, I first felt a little nervous inviting people over to our house because of the pressure I place on myself for everything to be perfect. Stunning decor, scrumptious food, no mess in sight. But that's just not realistic, nor is it fun! Open up your home as it is and search Pinterest for a festive recipe to serve! 


No. 3

Connect. With your spouse, your mom, your friends. Set the phone aside and focus on the person in front of you. We are always evolving as people and you can never assume you know everything about someone. Keep getting to know them and growing together. 


No. 4

Set aside 'you' time and reflect on the past year. We can get wrapped up in everything Christmas and end up just rolling into the New Year without much thought or intention. However you shut out the noise, whether it be sitting at a coffee shop with your journal or taking a morning walk, and take note of what you learned this past year, your experiences - good and bad, and what you want to bring with you in the upcoming year. If you don't know where to begin, try writing out what you want to 1. Stop, 2. Start, and 3. Continue this next year. 


No. 5

Try something new! It's never a bad time to try a new food, style of music, outfit combo, workout routine, card game... Think of it as a playful exploration. There's a childlike whimsy that comes over me this time of year, I suppose it's the traditions that take me back to being a kid. Let that curiosity carry you this season and don't be afraid to step out of your norm. 


Wishing you all a very merry Christmas! Enjoy every second with friends and family and don't forget to rest in between. What are you looking forward to this Christmas?