Only The Best Day of the Year ...

Welcome back friends! Today I'm sharing with you lovelies a Galentine's Day shoot that I pulled together for American Eagle's blog. I hope it inspires you to observe this festive holiday of friendship.

Valentine’s Day always brings about a nostalgic excitement of frilly notes and heart-shaped sweets, something worth celebrating no matter where your relationship status stands. February 13th, “Only the best day of the year,” as proclaimed by Lesley Knope on Parks & Rec,  is ‘Galentine’s Day’.  A day for raising glasses to the power of friendship and females.  This year, why not grab girlfriends and host your own Galentine’s full of pretty treats, feminine florals, and loads of laughter.

All photos taken by Emily Weaver.

Homemade invitations feel more intimate and who doesn’t love recieving snail mail? These cards are a cinch to pull together. All you need are watercolors, some paper and markers! Start with a simple watercolor wash, made by splashing water on a sheet of watercolor paper and then brushing in your paint. Then design the card with your best penmanship! Remember the folded paper hearts from grade school? Fill the envelope with lots of love, a.k.a. your diy heart confetti, dried rose petals, your favorite valentine’s tea, or mini candies.

Rule number one - girls love flowers. Decorate your tables with petite bouquets of your favorite botanics. Make one for each of your guests and watch their faces light up and they leave the party with a floral favor in hand. 

Rule number two - chocolate. Even better, pink chocolate. Whip up this fancy treat by melting bars of white chocolate, stirring in freeze dried raspberries until the chocolate turns a blush shade. Press melted mixture into a parchment lined baking sheet and sprinkle on dried culinary rose petals, crushed pistachios, dried raspberries, and sugared almonds. Allow to set completely, then cut into squares.

Something refreshing to sip on is a neccessity. This hibiscus rose iced tea is the perfect pairing for delicately flavored bites. Start by freezing rose buds in a large ice cube mold. Next, brew hibiscus tea bags, stir in honey to sweeten, and chill with ice. Pour in a bottle rose water (you can find them at Whole Foods). Fill your glasses with the tea, rose-infused ice cubes, extra rose petals and fresh raspberries.

Be creative with your table setting! Arrange your mini bouquets, adorable desserts, flirty scented candles, a string of glow lights, anything that sets the Galentine’s mood.  Turn on tunes by your current girl crush artist and get the party started!

What to wear, what to wear… two things come to mind - blush and florals. This pretty sweater with a pair of hi-rise jeans is oh so cozy and perfect for chilling with gal pals. For something a little dressier and just as comfy, you can never go wrong with a floral romper. The flowy sleeves and feminine print have LOVE written all over them. 

Sometimes life hits us hard and moments pass by before we can take ownership of them. Scheduling the much needed time with your girls gets suffocated under all of the to-do’s and full calendars. Being intentional to grow in community with eachother, sharing appreciation for one another, and enjoying vibrant conversation around a full table, satisfies the heart and fuels our souls. Happy Galentines Day!

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