Authenticity + Grace

Oh hey you, thanks for stopping by! To my dismay, I realized the other day that since starting this blog, I've only been able to keep up a month-to-month posting schedule. Blogging has brought me great joy during those few and far between creative sessions; the planning, sourcing, shooting, writing - it feels like the overflow of ideas freely being released into this platform. 

As I develop as an artist and overall being, I have discovered conflicting beliefs that I held. I have always carried a deep desire to help others, as I'm sure most of us do, but I had a view of what was considered 'helpful' and my gifts didn't fit in that paradigm. What I've realized lately is that what we are each naturally good at is so needed by someone, somewhere in the world. When we follow what other people around us are doing and try to replicate their way of service, we are taking up a space that has already been occupied.

When we dig deep into our spirit and ask, 'If I stopped believing that I have to be someone or do this thing I feel stuck in, what would I start doing?" It's scary to release the 'have-to's', they're a comfort zone that keep us from failing or looking messy to outsiders. But when I look at the people who I aspire towards, the leaders, the ones changing the tone and breaking the mold, they all have one thing in common - they aren't following a script; they step into the unsolicited territory.

For me, helping looks like bringing beauty to the surface, encouraging others to see potential - in themselves, in creation, in the monotony of life. I hope to inspire people to let go a little and color outside the lines, ask questions and try something new. Whether it be the quirky outfit they choose that morning, booking the trip they've always dreamed of taking, throwing a spontaneous party for friends, whipping up a delicious dish from odds and ends in their kitchen, or attempting a cool yoga pose, I believe freedom to intuitively explore and enjoy and sometimes mess up is how our souls thrive.  

I didn't intend on writing much of anything for this blog post. Honestly, I was intending on using it for outfit inspiration. But I believe even something like creative inspiration goes deeper than just an aesthetically pleasing photo. Art has always been something that liberates me from the tight barricades I form around my life. I set so many rules of how I should carry myself and stay strong and achieve more, and yet I always come back to this point of 'oh yes, I'm a human, created by God, with emotions and thoughts and ever-changing experiences.'

I feel uncomfortable writing all of my thoughts to you loved ones because I feel inadequate to embark some sort of wisdom upon you or offer my thoughts as a possible call to help in your situation. And that is where we need to let go of our holding back until we are 'ready' or a finished product. We will never be done growing enough to help someone in need. 

A man would do nothing if he waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault.
— John Henry Newman

Just food for thought. What inspires you? Start taking note of the times throughout your week that you feel a click, something that makes you smile or wonder. Ask your creator to show you why he made YOU. What's working, what's not? What can you let go of, or change? Who can you have a real conversation, or share your wonderful ideas with?

As always, feedback is greatly welcomed and much appreciated. I want to give to all of you anything you need more of in your life. If you're craving more fashion input, health and fitness advice, honest heart-to-hearts, let me know. Comment below or shoot me a message! I love hearing from each of you and am so grateful for your kind words, encouragement and reflections.

Top + Jeans - American Eagle Outfitters

Coat + Boots - Zara

Bag - Baldwin Sample Sale


Necklace + Rings - American Eagle Outfitters

Belt - Thrifted


HUGE s/o to Mandalyn Rael  for these beautiful photos! Follow her dreamy feed @mandalynraelphoto . You're a gem. Xo