Hello 2018 | Free PDF To Accomplish What You Want This Year!


HAPPY 2018 FAM! The beginning of the year feels like a breath of fresh air; a reminder that our father above is doing new things everyday. When January 1st rolls around, I pick one thing to learn about or a skill to work on, as well as one thing I hope for in the coming year. I also like to write down goals for my creative work, spiritual, physical and mental health, relationships, and a few that are just fun! 


This year, my word is 'strategy'. I tend to operate very much in a creative flow, lacking planning, foresight and organization. I am a doer, and get so antsy sitting down to plan because I feel like I am wasting time not accomplishing the vision I have. When I read the definition of 'strategy' it seemed to fit perfectly - it is the art of planning and directing overall operations and movements. In 2018, I want to learn the art of planning and the freedom that comes from calculating my steps before moving forward.  


In 2018, I hope to travel to at least three places in the States I have never visited before. I plan to start a YouTube channel this year, something I have dreamt of since I was a little girl! I am looking forward to building our new home and hosting lots of dinner parties. I want to set up a gym in our basement and save money by working out at home. I will be expanding my blog with a store, where you can shop my photo filters and later on in the year - apparel! 


If you scroll to the bottom, you'll find my PDF guide to setting goals for 2018. Click the link below the image to download your copy. Print it out to hang somewhere that will remind you everyday. This guide is set up to help you find out what your priorities are, then set goals within your prioritized categories. First, number your priorities 1-4, with No. 1 being the most important to you. Then divide the pie chart amongst your categories. To see my example, click HERE.   


I appreciate you all so much; thank you for you kind feedback and encouragement. I hope to walk with you in 2018, through lots of inspiring content that leads you to fill the space you were meant to in this world. As you set goals, look inward and listen to the song your soul sings. What were you meant to do? Maybe this is the year that you listen to that longing and go for it.