How To Make A Mini Cactus Garden!


All credit goes to my husband for this DIY... 

The story begins on a winter day, soon after we settled on our new home, and all I wanted was to buy a giant cactus to put in our living room. The issue was our floors were mid-way through being refinished and the only option was to keep the 5 ft. tall cactus in our breezeway - which my logical husband informed me that surely desert plants will die in the cold. He said, 'Why don't you make a mini cactus garden?' 


And that brings us to this tutorial of how to make your own Mini Cactus Garden. I absolutely love the way this pot turned out and I can't wait to show you how easy it is! You can thank Justin; now you know I'm not entirely the creative brain in our marriage. 


STEP ONE | pick out your favorite cacti at your local greenhouse. Curate your selection with a variety of textures, shapes, sizes and a pop of color!


STEP TWO | grab a terra-cotta pot, large enough for all of your cacti. I spray painted the outside of mine white - a totally optional step, I just love how clean it looks! Start by pouring small rocks in the bottom of your pot to help with draining to keep your cacti fairly dry. 


STEP THREE | pour soil on top of the rocks. I used an organic cactus & succulent mix. 


STEP FOUR | plant your cacti in the soil. 

STEP FIVE | pour more soil around planted cacti to set in place.


STEP SIX | evenly place the remaining cacti. 


STEP SEVEN | pour sand over the soil to surround the cacti. 


That's it friends! I set our Mini Cactus Garden on our wall shelf and it makes me smile every time I walk by. To care for the cacti, water it once a week, just enough to soak the soil and wait to water it again until the soil has dried out. Give it plenty of sunlight for a healthy, happy cactus garden!

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