7 Golden Habits To Make Your Day Shine A Little Brighter

You can be the brightest most wonderful girl and with a few good habits you can shine. You glow girl!

I'm the first to admit I'm an overcommitter and recovering workaholic. If you would ask me what my day looks like tomorrow, I likely would stare at you blankly because everything is written down in my iPhone calendar to avoid overwhelming my brain. I work a little too relentlessly and end up feeling exhausted by the end of the day. My husband comes home from work and I am either spacey or the kind-of-stressed where "what's for dinner" can set off an alarming response.

Since starting my creative company and becoming a career coach to women, I realized taking care of myself is no longer optional. If you want to do extraordinary things in this world, you have to pour into yourself. You show up best for others when you have overflowing love from within. Rather than reserving self-care for a bubble bath once a month or getting around to scheduling that massage you were gifted last year, pick a few things to do every day that make you feel fantastic. I call these self-care rituals 'Golden Habits' and make an effort to make them part of my daily schedule. Weaving in golden habits to your day will remind you of your worth and the beauty that surrounds you. Below I've listed a few of my golden habits - I encourage you to try a few out and make some of your own! Let's glow, girl.

Washing your face and eating healthy foods are just two habits that will help your brighten up each day!

1. Wash your face with cold water right when you wake up.

Not only will your skin feel refreshed, tight, and lifted but your energy will be kickstarted for the day. Cold water minimizes the appearance of pores, reduces wrinkles, and brightens your face. My skin responds best to exfoliation in the morning, so I use a fresh facial cleanser by LUSH in my morning routine.


2. Prepare colorful meals + take time to enjoy them.

Reach for the hues of the rainbow when you cook and you’ll instantly feel brighter. If I’m making a salad, I might saute some eggplant spiced with golden curry, chop up red peppers, add steamed beets, slices of avocado and top everything off with a sprinkle of fresh cilantro. Smoothie bowls, to vegetable soups, to homemade pizza - vary the color of your toppings and your nutrient intake will be boosted as well. One of my favorite cookbooks if I’m lacking inspiration is Eat Beautiful - it features nutritious recipes for each season. Put your phone or computer to sleep, walk away, and eat your meal where you feel relaxed. I love taking my lunch breaks outside whenever I can!

Eating a peach with a big woven handbag, Emily smiles as she incorporates habits that brighten her days

3. Turn on relaxing tunes while you shower and take time to care for yourself.

Make your shower time into pampering time. Listen to your favorite chill playlist and pick one thing to take care of that day. Some days I will put on a face mask and other times I will spend a few extra minutes in the shower with a body scrub. Bonus tip : dry brush + massage your body with organic coconut oil before showering to get your glow on.


4. Dance or flow it out when you feel off.

When I am feeling down, stressed or lethargic, I reach for these two tools - dancing or yoga. A dose of healthy movement can turn your mood around pretty quickly, and in turn change the entire tone of your day. It only takes 5 minutes to feel the effect, but once you’re moving it could easily turn into an hour long dance off.


5. Schedule in self-development.

Whether learning a language, how to sew, listening to an entrepreneurial podcast, or reading a self-study book - making your growth a priority everyday leads to big results in your life. I like to do this each day through walking my pup for an hour with my earbuds in, getting business advice from Jenna Kutcher or deepening my thoughts with a Brene Brown audiobook.     

Reading thing you love is a habit that helps brighten your day. Own your brilliance!

6. Have a warm cup of herbal tea before bed.

Just as rinsing your face with cold water wakes you up in the am, a warm drink in the pm will calm you down for a good night's sleep. Chamomile, lavender, and elderflower teas are my go-to for the evening. I bring my tea into bed and write in my five-minute journal as I sip on it.


7. Switch phone to airplane mode from 9pm - 9am.

If you’re sleepy, it’s way too tempting to scroll mindlessly on Instagram or check your inbox. I prevent this by simply turning on airplane mode at night so wifi access isn’t even an option. If you use your phone as an alarm, make sure to also set your iPhone on Night Shift in settings so you reduce your exposure to blue light.


These steps are tried and true for me, but a good starting point on developing any new routine is applying one or two habits at a time and building on as you practice. Everyone is different so find the things that allow you to light up from the inside and glow on.  

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