Creating A Life That Glows

In a bright white top as the sun glows behind, Emily poses and models an outfit in Europe

Truthfully, if you followed everything that I do in my daily life to nurture a thriving body, grounded state of mind, and fulfilled soul - you probably wouldn’t get the same results I do. Scrolling through Instagram, you might see everyone drinking green smoothies, wearing a new outfit every post, and swearing by their skincare products. But when you implement their ‘keys to success’, you are still getting breakouts. You are still feeling bloated, anxious and stressed out by these ideals you are trying to cram into your already-too-full life.

A one size fits all approach to life will leave you feeling discontent, unaccomplished, and confused. Trying to create purpose by assuming someone else’s best life as your own is like shopping with counterfeit bills. Most people will see right through the imitation, and the ones that don’t will eventually realize it's just a cheap replica and adds no value to them.

Siting with her bestie, Emily talks about how she has created a life that glows. Everyone is unique and you need to learn what is truly best for you.

 You are a unique being - no doctor, counselor, parent, podcast can tell you what is truly best for you. Yes, these people carry knowledge that you can learn from, but only YOU have the answers of where to go, what to do, and what matters in your life. The issue lies in denying your brilliance, silencing it through comparison, striving and accepting others brilliance as your own.

You don’t need more, to be more. You were born with the right to be joyful and whole. You have the ability to create a life that is perfect for you. You can wake up excited to start your day.  You can see at your life through happy tears looking all the goodness and beauty that surrounds you. It's time to become besties with yourself and find what works for you - what makes you wake up in the morning full of energy and go to sleep smiling with fulfillment in your heart.

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