Done is Better Than Perfect

Blogging from the home studio, comfortably on a couch, working to get things done.

I’ll do it later. I’m not ready yet. Maybe I’ll start next year…

My lovely blog manager, Molly, asked me to write a post to go under the ‘work’ category and suggested I finish this draft I started for a post called ‘Done is Better Than Perfect’. As the irony goes, I had no idea what thoughts I could add to the post and wanted to run away from my computer the moment I opened a blank document.

Being a type 1 on the Enneagram (if you haven’t taken the test yet, I’m not going anywhere -  go do it!) I’d like to believe perfection exists out there somewhere. No matter how many times people have told me, “Emily, it doesn’t have to be perfect,” I still give them a slight smirk and continue fixating on how to make my little masterpiece better.

Wearing glasses and posing in the home office, laptop in hand, Emily works on writing “done is better than perfect”

“Done is better than perfect.”

When I heard this statement on a podcast, I still stubbornly thought, “Well I guess, but you still have to produce high quality work.” Nonetheless, the quote attached itself to my brain and continued to come up subconsciously as I analyzed its level of truthfulness.

I started to notice my inclination is  to add a task to my to-do list, saving it for later. I write it down thinking that now is not the best time to complete it because it would put a halt to my ‘flow’. This has some level of credibility, however, it became a problem when I suddenly became incredibly  overwhelmed by all of my multiple, color-coded lists on my iPhone. The projects actually don’t slow down - the grow and expand and diversify. They get bigger, and the longer you wait he harder it might become.

Do it now.

If you know something has to get done, don’t let it rattle around in your head for days. Rather than setting your bowl in the sink, just take an extra minute to wash it. What if your to-do list were lighter because you simply completed the task before it ever made it to your notepad?

They say the best way to write a book is by starting with writing a crappy first draft. How freeing  to think that in order to accomplish anything you dream of, all you have to do is try? You’re allowed to make an attempt, and even fail at the attempt. The world isn’t hurt by you taking a step and falling, it’s hurt by you standing still.

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