Finding Your Rhythm In Your Work Day

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When I started working from home, I took a deep dive into building a schedule that worked with my creativity, motivation, and productivity. Whether you work from home or in an office, knowing your ideal work day is key to producing your best work. I’m a believer in individuality and creating a life that capitalizes on your strengths, rather than trying to fix all your weaknesses.

Here are five questions to help you personalize a schedule that works for you:

1. When do you connect best and communicate clearly with others?

I communicate my best later in the day and find my creative focus isn’t as strong then, so I try to schedule meetings post 10am. If you are a people person right when you wake up in the morning, schedule your meetings earlier!

2. When do you have mental clarity and creative ideas?

My creativity is flowing early in the morning after my brain is refreshed from a good night's sleep. I like to blockout two hours in the AM for creative projects, such as web design, planning shoots, or writing. Having a cup of coffee next to you while creating is optional, but it always makes me inspired and productive.

3. What time of day is your energy at its peak?

Just as I mentioned above, my energy is peaking in the AM. I love waking up early, preferably before the sunrises, and getting my most important work done before noon. For those who like to wake up slowly and feel groggy in the morning, you might want to schedule your most important work for the afternoon.

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4. What time of day do you feel a dip in your energy?

I feel my energy dip around 3 or 4 pm and plan to wrap up my ‘priority’ tasks before that afternoon crash settles in. If possible, try going for a walk outdoors, lying down for a 20-min power nap, or taking a yoga class at this time. My preferred method is going for a walk to get fresh air, listen to a podcast, and recharge for the remaining hours in the day.

5. Do you fight procrastination or do you like to cross off your to-do list asap?

Depending on your personality type, you might tend to push tasks off until it’s crunch time and you have no other option but to get it done. If this is the case, start your day by making a list of your to-do’s and mark the tasks that are priority. Next, put a second mark on the tasks that are priority, but you aren’t excited to do them. Those tasks should be accomplished first. If you go about your to-do list crossing off the ‘easy’ tasks, those harder jobs will keep getting neglected. Flip your list upside down and do the hard things first. The rest of your day will feel much more at ease!


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