What I Eat Before Breakfast - Soul Food

Couple reading in bed to start off a relaxing morning

More important than what I eat for breakfast is what I consume before diving into my inbox or crossing off my to-do list. Setting your day up with positivity, self care, and intentions makes the rest of your plans flow with grace. As you fuel your soul, you’ll have energy for whatever lies ahead and overflowing love to give to everyone who needs it.

1. Gratitude

Have a notebook next to your bed or pick up a 5-Minute Journal. Write down three things you are grateful for. Besides starting your day on positive note, gratitude has countless wellness benefits from strengthening relationships to longevity and

Breakfast for two, real food and soul food to start a brilliant day of traveling
A cute and clean restaurant that we stopped at while traveling in New York.

2. Golden Habits #morningedition

Right when I step out of bed, I take a sip of water and head to the bathroom. My routine consists of tongue scraping (to remove toxins from overnight), brushing my teeth with a coconut oil toothpaste, washing my face with cold water, and applying a brightening moisturizer.

3. Setting intentions.

Grab a journal and write down - What would make today great? Starting your day in this mindset before you write down your ‘to-do’s’ will help you prioritize what matters most and go to bed feeling fulfilled.

Listen to a podcast or audiobook while you go about your morning, or spend 15 minutes reading an inspiring book.

Relaxing next to a large window taking in the glow of the sun, beautiful nature, and fresh air, coffee cup in hand of course!

4. Light movement.

Walking to increase blood flow and naturally wake you up.

Do some light stretches or yoga to open up the body.

5. Fresh air.

I start every day with a walk outside and find that it has the same wakening effects of a cup of coffee, but without a caffeine crash afterwards. If walking isn’t your thing - try bringing a morning task such as a phone call or emails outdoors or play fetch with your pup. Whatever you can do to get 15 minutes of fresh air will give you mental clarity and energy for your day ahead.

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