How To Pack Light + Stay Organized While You Travel

I was notorious for overpacking most of my life. That was until I traveled to Europe for six months and realized lugging a maxed-out 50 lbs. suitcase across cobblestone streets and up onto a train platform is not exactly ideal. From that moment of frustration forward, I decided to become a light packer. A combination of creativity and essentialism has lead me to this new way of traveling that makes you really feel the freedom of going wherever your heart desires.

An open suitcase displaying matching outfits and organizational ideas, such as color schemes and white t shirts, to help you pack light

1. Invest into good luggage.

Look for luggage that is lightweight and has 360º spin wheels - you’ll thank me for those wheels when you’re running to catch your next flight.  

2. Choose multi-use pieces.

Make a pin board for your trip wear inspo.

Lay the pieces out to see how you can mix and match to create several looks. Think about the palette of your outfits and pack coordinating colors.

3. Pack practical.

Think about your travel  itinerary and make sure to bring clothes that feel awesome all day long.

Don’t be that girl who gets blisters from too-fancy-of-footwear. Bring a pair of classy trainers that can be worn with chill denim shorts or a dressy wrap-midi skirt.

Own your inner ‘essentialist’. After you’ve laid out everything to pack, go through your pile and take out anything that you don’t absolutely need. Excess makes you feel stressed and you’ll be more likely to leave one of your belongings behind if you have too much to keep track of.

Packing essentials include stress relieving face masks. When you pack light and stay organized it reduces travel stress too!

4. Get organized with packing cubes.

This organization hack changed my travel life. If you tend to get a messy suitcase the second you unzip it, purchase a set of packing cubes to separate your tops, bottoms, dresses, and undergarments. I like to keep my clothes neatly folded in each bag and vow to myself to re-fold and place each piece in it’s designated bag right after it comes off.

5. Leave the toiletries at home.

If you’re going away for longer than 5 days, I suggest picking up your toiletries when you arrive at your destination. Bringing full sized bottles, weigh a ton and take up unnecessary space. Plus, you might find a new Norwegian shampoo to order when you return home...

Learning how to pack light is a great way to stay organized and maximize your travels. Bon voyage!