5 Women That Changed My Life

Headphones, picnic blanket, book, and fossil reading glasses make for a perfect day to de-stress and learn about incredible women

Behind every successful woman are many more who made them realize they were capable of greatness. Here are five women who have seriously changed my life and shaped my success. Leave a comment with women who have impacted you!

1. Melissa Ambrosini

Dealing with your inner critic + self love.

I first found Melissa through a podcast interview, which lead me to her podcast (which still sits at the top of my list), and then to her books. Mastering Your Mean Girl is her first book all about talking to your inner critic and Open Wide follows with taking your inner work into soulful relationships.

2. Jenna Kutcher

Welcoming wealth + expanding what you have.   

Jenna Kutcher is taking over the women entrepreneurship scene and has a small town girl vibe that is super relatable. I love listening to her Goal Digger Podcast where she has weekly interviews with inspiring business owners and solo chats about her success (as well as failure) that has led her to a profitable company.

A beautiful sunrise at the beach makes for a brilliant day and good travels for a travel blogger

3. Tiffany Han

Creative risk + having faith in your crazy dream.

Tiffany was the first podcast I consistently tuned into week after week and saw how her mindset-shifting talks lead to bold steps in my own life. Her work is centered around raising your hand, even when you don’t have all of the answers, and learning along the way. Listening to her podcasts encouraged me to reach out for my dream job and landed me a career in NYC!

Artist and writer, Emily R. Hess, smiles for the camera as she spends a day traveling to the beach

4. Brene Brown

Emotional intelligence + the healing found in vulnerability.

After having about ten people tell me to read Brene Brown’s books, I finally picked one up for myself. This woman is full of wisdom, intelligence, and insight. I first read Braving The Wilderness and next on my list is The Gift Of Imperfection. Brown speaks heavily on the topics of shame and vulnerability and I would highly recommend to women of any age!

Gazing out at the ocean

5. Lauren Scruggs

Building a career around your passion + turning pain into your strength.

Lauren Scruggs was my hero as a young girl dreaming of a career in fashion. Her book Still Lolo taught me how to bring beauty from painful circumstances and her blog showed me that you can turn your passion into a career. I still look forward to her latest blog posts for wellness, fashion, and marriage advice!

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