A Coffee Table Fit to Be Seen: Simple Home Decor Tips


A stylish coffee table says a lot about a person. When I walk into a living room with a September Issue Vogue, a candle the size of your face, and matchsticks too expensive to use - I know these people care about their aesthetic. I’ve been taking notes on the keys to successfully curating your coffee table and am ready to share them with you loves. 

Of course, in true Emily fashion, I won’t lead you to break the bank either. By applying a few basic styling hacks, you can get your coffee table in shape so guests feel like they’re basically staying at a 5-star hotel in Palm Springs. 

1. Books 

You’ve got to start with books. Not only are they practical for guests to browse through (if you run out of topics to talk about), but they also stack so nicely and can be used to elevate other objects on your table. I love collecting old hardbound books from thrift stores and layering them with a candle, as the cherry on top. 

2. Tray

Some sort of tray is the perfect addition to a coffee table. I’ve seen enormous trays that take up most of the table’s sq. footage, which work great for holding all of your books, candles, and coasters. Long boat-shaped trays work great for displaying ‘just for pretty’ decor like wooden beads or air plants. 

P.S. I’ve been so inspired by wooden beaded garlands lately so I decided to make my own just by picking up beads at Michaels and threading twine through each one! 

3. Candle

This one is a given, as we talked about before - the bigger the better. I love picking up a Brooklyn Candle Studios candle and everyone loves the Capri Blue Volcano Candles from Anthropologie. If I’m in a pinch, or want a seasonal scent, I’ll go to Marshall’s to find an affordable option!

4. Vase

Fill it with anything, really. Flowers, fresh or dried, or my personal favorite - Pampas Grass. I found my grasses on etsy and love the soft touch they bring to your home! Having a bit of natural elements on your coffee table makes the whole set up feel organic and carefree.


5. Coasters 

Okay, this one is just plain responsible if you have a wooden table. But no matter what your coffee table is made from, coasters look chic and can double as decor. West Elm and Target always have the best designs!

You’re a total interior stylist now! Tag me in your Insta stories if you apply these tips to your own home. I can’t wait to see all of you style top notch coffee tables.