Best Beauty Hacks For Going Bare-Faced

Wearing less makeup is always a good idea. It gives your skin space to breath and saves you extra time in the morning (so you can get more beauty sleep, of course). Glowing skin, soft lips, and long lashes are top of my list for days that I want to go sans-makeup. No beauty sacrificed here!

Lip scrub  - exfoliates lips to remove dead skin layer and dullness. Leaves lips smooth and reveals your natural lip color!

Lip scrub and beauty supplies displayed along countertop
Blogger Emily R. Hess uses lip exfoliating scrub as part of her beauty routine

Calming face mask - reduces redness, puffiness, irritation. Rinse with cold water to tighten pores and pat face dry.

First aid beauty coconut water primer - illuminates and smoothes skin to make your face glowy and fresh without any foundation!

Emily using coconut ingredients and products as part of her beauty regimen

Under eye cream - put in fridge to make the metal tip cool! Depuffs eyes and minimizes dark circles.

Eyelash extensions or curler - not for everyone and can be pricey, but you won’t need any makeup to look wide awake and emphasize eyes. If you don’t want the commitment of extensions, just use a curler to accentuate your natural lashes!

Lip balm - the all-around beauty quick fix. Swipe on your lips to keep them baby soft or dab on cheekbones for an instant illuminating lift! Opt for a tinted natural balm if you want a boost of color.

Applying lip scrub to enhance bare faced beauty

Hydration - sip on coconut water or regular ole H2O. Hydrated skin starts from the inside.

Probiotics - supports a healthy gut to allow your body to naturally detox and absorb nutrients. Less inflammation on the inside = less inflamation on the outside.

Collagen - promotes skin elasticity, hydration and reverses signs of aging. Add a scoop to your morning coffee or afternoon smoothie!