Come Hiking in Utah!

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“Are we there yet?”

No matter how old we get someone always asks this on car rides. And this was a long one for sure. We just took our first full family trip in two years from our home in Pennsylvania to the deserts of Utah! Lace up your shoes and come along for some Justin and sibling time, meet my mom Cindy Weaver, get to know my Office-loving fam, and tour the airbnb.

The Utah mountains are absolutely incredible. After taking you swimming, vintage shopping, and out to dinner I’ll show you the scenery as we hike the Grand Canyon, Angels Landing, and Sunset Point. It felt so good to spend some time embracing nature with people I loved. Try to take yourself out this weekend for some much needed quality time with things other than work. Do something that feeds your soul so you can own your brilliance all week long!

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Do you think it is weird to put cashews in your mouth while eating jolly ranchers? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to enjoy a papaya this week, babes !

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