How To Create Inspiring Content


Working in social media marketing and specializing in styling, photography, videography, and brand design, I live to take the beautiful moments in life and capture them through photos and videos. I love helping women find what is truly, wholeheartedly, and sincerely you. This past year I have coached over thirty clients on building a brand and bridging relationships through Instagram. I am so thrilled bring you my Content Creation Guide to share my tips and tricks of the trade with you.

The guide takes you back to step one. What do you want your Instagram feed to look like? How do you want people to feel as they scroll through? Learn how to streamline your dream feed and create content that highlights who you are and what you do.

What’s inside:

  • Style Quiz to nail down your aesthetic + purpose

  • What’s in my camera bag

  • Learn how to shoot in manuel

  • Using natural light + composing beautiful images

  • Easy to follow steps for styling flatlays

  • Full tutorial on editing with lgihtroom

  • Scheduling apps and tips to plan your dream feed

My goal for this guide is to encourage your creativity - what you’re searching for is already a part of you! The tools you’ll find inside will help you leap over technical roadblocks and get straight to creating the vision in your brilliant mind.

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