Creamy Cacao Nice Cream + Monday Motivation

Creamy Cacao Nice Cream + Monday Motivation. Starting Monday’s with a good breakfast is a great way to start out the entire week. Check out the recipe below

Good morning girls! I’m here on a Monday at 9am with an empty coffee cup and a scribbly planner full of goals. Mondays have been my favorite day of the week since I started my own business - there’s this feeling of limitless potential and a fresh start that I look forward to every week.

Since the beginning of 2019, I started making a weekly list of new challenges for each day. I like to break down my week in my planner - first with my top seven to-do’s that day, then five habits to practice every day, and one unique challenge for each day of the week.

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Five daily habits I’ve had on repeat are -

  • a 6 am yoga class

  • catching up with someone I love

  • reaching out a company I want to work with

  • include veggies, protein and fats at every meal

  • create content that challenges you

So far today, I’ve gotten the yoga habit checked off, a balanced breakfast of veggies, protein, and fat, and now I’m creating content that challenges me. It’s much easier to just post a recipe for you, but I decided to make it a little more personal. I want to share with you what I’m presently working on, rather than waiting until it’s ‘mastered’ and I feel credible to write about it.

Here is a downloadable list of my weekly challenges for each day this week,  feel free to save it on your phone and join me or grab your journal and jot down challenges of your own. Comment below what your weekly challenges are! I love that we can inspire each other towards growth.

Avocados make for great smoothies to motivate your Monday. find the recipe on this blog

Onto the balanced breakfast recipe…

Like I said earlier, it’s packed full of nutrient dense veggies, plant based protein, and healthy fats to make your skin glow!

I’ve been making this at least once a week and it feels like you’re eating a bowl of chocolate soft serve for brekkie. Not so bad right?

Creamy Cacao Nice Cream

Serves 1

½  frozen avocado, diced

½  c frozen butternut squash

1 tbsp raw cacao powder

1 scoop chocolate plant protein

1 tsp chocolate greens powder

2-3 tbsp unsweetened vanilla almond milk

I love starting my day off with a healthy smoothie like this Creamy Cacao Nice Cream + Monday Motivation to go alongside
Creamy Cacao Nice Cream + Monday Motivation to start off your week. Find a recipe for a smoothie with chocolate and healthy ingredients to boost your week in the blog above

Blend all ingredients until smooth - add more milk if needed, but try to keep consistency as thick as possible.

Pour into your favorite dessert dish and top with berries, grain free granola, Loving Earth chocolate, cacao nibs, and coconut.

I hope you fall in love with this creamy treat as much as I have and feel nourished to give the day your all. Happy Monday - you’ve got this girl!