Easy Ways To Detox Your Body That Don’t Involve Juicing

Tons of people hop on the ‘detox’ train come the new year to feel healthier, whether it’s a juice cleanse or a vigorous workout routine. Although your body naturally detoxes on its own, sometimes a little support to release impurities.

I like to focus on reducing toxins from my household products, cleansing the air with plants and oils, and refreshing the body daily through body brushing and lemon water. Of course once we’re out with the bad - we’ve got to fill up on the good! Make sure you’re getting lots of vitamins with veggies, superfood smoothies, and fiber rich foods like chia and flax.

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1. Fill your abode with houseplants!

Houseplants are one of the easiest (and cutest!) ways to get rid of toxins that fill the air. My top picks for purifying plants are the snake plant, aloe vera, english ivy, and rubber plants.

2. Switch to non-toxic beauty products.

My makeup bag is full of W3LL PEOPLE,  from their serum to concealer, tinted moisturizer, blush, eyeliner, and mascara. I recently tested out RMS Beauty and am slowly incorporating a few of their toxic-free products into my routine as well!

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3. Look for chemical free cleaners.

Throughout my home you’ll find a collection of Common Good, Method and Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products. These brands use organic ingredients, are cruelty free, and recycle their materials. Lately I’m loving driftwood hand soap in our bathroom, mopping our wood floors with almond-scent cleaner, apple cider kitchen cleaning kit and lavender linen spray on our sheets before bed.

4. Drink a glass of warm lemon water every morning.

Not only does what you surround yourself with affect inflammation in your body - what you put in it does as well. Before you grab your morning coffee, make it a habit to drink warm water with a squeeze of lemon. Sipping lemon water on an empty stomach balances your body’s PH levels, flushes out toxins, and increases immunity.  Keep your diet fairly clean with loads of organic veggies, antioxidant rich fruit, nuts and seed, whole grains, and lean protein throughout the day to support your body’s natural detoxification process!

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5. Dry body brush once a day.

When I first heard about dry body brushing, I disregarded the suggestion since it was just another thing to add to my beauty routine. After digging deeper into the subject, I started to understand why it was worth the hype and caved. I found my body brush on Amazon and can honestly say it’s an enjoyable addition to my shower time! The main detoxifying factor here is that brushing your skin gets your blood circulating and assists in lymphatic drainage. In other words, it helps your body push the toxins out. Just simply brush your entire body in circular motions, towards your heart, beginning at your feet then traveling up to the chest.

6. Diffuse essential oils.

Walking into a home that smells fresh and inviting makes your body chill out and your mind feel clear. Essential oils are my go-to for aromatherapy and cleansing your environment. Add a few drops of a calming oil to a diffuser daily and let it fill your house with good vibes! For bonus points - choose a citrus oil,  such as sweet orange or grapefruit, which cleanse toxins from your liver and bloodstream, as well as germs in the air.

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