Every Season Produces Different Fruit

Blogger drinks coffee in Australia and reflects on the brilliance of each individual in each season

As we move through seasons, the temperature shifts, different fruits and veggies become available, and we find new ways to enjoy the weather. I see such similarities in how our lives parallel the seasons. Our growth looks a bit varied from time to time.

Just as in nature, we produce different fruit throughout the year. Summer is a time for playing, autumn is for refining, winter is for planning, and spring is for blooming. You can’t expect to constantly produce more than the season before. Some seasons are for taking a step back in production and focusing on refinement, reflection, and reinvention. After time of preparation, you are able to propel forward with clarity and purpose.

Blogger drinks matcha in an Australia cafe
Exploring the streets of Australia in a fashionable green maxi skirt

Dry seasons are painfully challenging. You want to speed up the process of a thick learning curve and jump ahead to harvesting the fruit of your labor. But dedication to the process always pays off in hindsight. Remembering moments in the past where followed through on a goal will help you stick to the ‘big picture’ plan.

Embrace the season you’re in with grace and intention. You are exactly where you need to be. Each day is an opportunity to learn - whether everything goes better than planned or you fell flat on your face, there’s hidden gems in every experience. Ponder today what type of season you are in and summarize it with one word. Carry this word with you as a reminder of the fruit you are producing.

Got your word? Comment below what word best describes your season. I can’t wait to hear what you beauties come up with!

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