Feel Energized To Be Your Best Self Everyday

Eating a brightly colored breakfast is just one of the many steps to feel energized and like you best self every day.

We’re bombarded by messages about self care and personal development, but the truth is when you’re exhausted and your calendar is maxed out, there is also a lack of energy to put towards investing into yourself. There’s an art to living a fulfilling life and a personalized formula for each of us to tap into our potential. After much trial and error in my own life, I’ve continued to navigate how to be my best self each day. It’s an infinite process, requiring much grace, but is so worth the ups and downs as you find what works for you! Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to laugh when you fall flat on your face. We’re on this adventure together.

Feel Energized To Be Your Best Self Everyday, it is a bright and invigorating adventure. Be energized!

Find what fuels your energy.

We all recharge differently - whether it’s having quiet time to yourself or spending the night out with friends. When you feel your feet dragging, ask yourself what would refresh you and schedule time to make it happen during the week. Being an ‘outgoing introvert’ I love having an evening to myself for a little pampering and creative time.  However, I still need a balance of spending time with friends, attending a social event, or catching up with my sister to feel my best. It’s all about finding your formula for happiness!

Being your best self every day is different for each person. Sometimes its some quite time, other times it is a cup of coffee. What makes you creative?

Make ‘self care’ habits that you can do everyday.

My favorite tip when it comes to self care is forming healthy habits to spread out throughout the day. It could be a 5 minute skincare routine when you wake up, calling a family member during your commute, taking a 15 minute walk after work, and meditation before bed. Little actionable points make investing into yourself attainable and consistent.

Do what you love.

Not everyone is head over heels in love with their job, but we all need to feed our soul by tapping into our passions on a regular basis. If you don’t love going to classes everyday or showing up to work for a boss you don’t like, make a point to engage in your hobbies later on in the day. Or even better, gradually set your alarm to wake up an hour earlier and do something that makes you happy before you even set foot in the office.

Consume things that fill you up to live your best life every day
unleash your creativity to find energy and strength within yourself.

Consume content that lifts you up.

The beautiful thing about the explosion of podcasts, social media, YouTube, and audiobooks is that we constantly have good influence at our fingertips (or in our earbuds). I am a positivity junkie and don’t go a day without fitting a bit of inspiration into my routine. You’ll often find me listening to an audiobook while I walk, watching inspiring videos on YouTube while I edit photos, or playing a podcast in the kitchen while I cook. The good kind of multitasking, I suppose.

Surround yourself with positive people.

Introvert or extrovert, we all need strong relationships that pick us up on low days and celebrate with us on great days. We’re not meant to live on an island and sharing life with people you love reminds you of what is truly important. On the other end, if a friend is bringing you down, maybe take a step back from your weekly negativity sessions and reassess your friendship. Choose to give your time and energy to relationships that build you up!