Getting A Fresh Start In The New Year


I’m a big fan of starting something new, rising before the sun, and creating lists of goals - so January is kind of my jam. With a little bit of inspiration and planning you’ll be set for the best year yet. You can’t always control your circumstances, but you my dear, can control who you decide to be in each circumstance.

If you’re coming out of 2018 feeling burnt out and a little lost of where to go from here, read my last post about resetting for the New Year. This post is ‘part II’ of how to move forward after your energy is lifted and you’re feeling ready to dream about the year ahead.

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Take a tech-free break.

In a recent Instagram post, I talked about my experience spending less time behind a screen and how it was improving my mental clarity. As part of getting in tune with what you want to bring to life this year, take a step away from social media and your phone. Leave your phone in the car when you meet a friend for coffee. When you mindlessly reach for your phone while waiting in a checkout line, try spending those few moments to plan for 2019. After turning off your AM alarm, let your device on the charging dock until you leave for work. You’ll be amazed how much time and space you gain by reducing screen time.

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Make a vision board.

Not only do vision boards fill your wall with pretty inspiration, they remind you daily of your goals for 2019. Visually representing your ideal year through photos, articles, key words, and symbolic objects makes goal setting fun and tangible. I love using this minimalist grid-style mood board in my studio by clipping magazine cutouts, printed photos, dried flowers, paint samples, and doodles to plan out the year ahead.

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Use a year planning diary.

I recently came across the BEST planning diary filled with helpful guides and exercises to keep you on track with your goals. They even have a weekly habit tracker, a monthly budget section, and a quarterly review for checking in on your progress! I bought both my husband and myself diaries and we love sitting down to plan the year together - productive date night anyone?

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Schedule an ‘inspiration date.’

Whenever I am feeling uninspired, I know it’s time to get out of my norm and explore. Whether taking a day trip, weekend away or simply a day to enjoy my own hometown. Plan a day where you do everything you love - go to yoga, get brunch, stop at a thrift store, walk with a friend, sip on good coffee, see a movie. Changing your scenery and having a day just to be present will leave you feeling inspired and excited to get moving on your goals.

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Find an accountability partner.

If your goals never leave your journal, you’re a lot less likely make them a reality. Think about someone in your life who you respect for their motivation and share what you want to accomplish with each other. Set a time for the two of you to meet up each month and check in on how you’re doing. Two are better than one, amen?!

Wishing you a happy, fulfilling New Year that surprises you in the best ways and shapes you into even more of your beautiful, brilliant self! Let’s do 2019  together, sister.