Hiking Boots are Necessary: Banff Vlog is Here!

You’ve seen our itinerary, so now it’s finally time to experience the trip for real! Join me and my fellow comrades on a laughter-filled trip to Canada as we visit for my friend’s wedding and then explore Banff.

I met this amazing girl in Switzerland three years ago and now we have been reunited for her wedding! Not only do you get to see Canada in the vlog, I filmed the entire wedding and it was SO beautiful. We hung greenery, Justin and Austin were on lights, set up the reception, and smiled a whole lot. Congratulations to this wonderful bride and groom! And happy birthday Austin!

After the wedding we headed to Banff National Park and Canmore. We caught some good slow mo shots, hiked through one of the most gorgeous mountains, saw a grizzly bear and goats, and the lake does indeed have naturally blue water (more on that in the vlog).

Get your hiking boots ready and comment below about where you want to go next!