How I Organize My Week For Work Flow + Productivity


We all love the feeling of productivity but it can be a challenge to start Monday’s with high ambition after a chill weekend. I have been though seasons of loving waking up on Monday’s, excited to start the day, and others where I’m ready to hit snooze a third or fourth time. How you address the first work day of the week is important to help you keep up a good pace throughout the rest of the week. Below are some of my tips for organizing my week for good workflow and productivity!

Prep Sunday night.

Set out your yoga clothes, fill a bag with your work necessities and pack some snacks for the week ahead. Organizing your materials the night before helps your morning go so much smoother - plus it allows you the time to invest into your mental and spiritual wellbeing before jumping into a busy day.


Unload your to-dos for the week on a notepad.

Call this a brain dump, if you will - write down everything floating in your mind that needs to get done for the week. Anything from cleaning out your closet to sending an email. Don’t worry about categories or chronological order just yet; we’ll get to that next.

Flowers, cool colors, and creativity are things I like to weave into my work day

Sort tasks into life, work, and self. Number your list from top priority to lowest.

Next to each task write L for life tasks, W for work, and S for self. I consider cleaning my house a life task, finishing a logo design as a work task, and going to yoga class a self task.

After the to-do’s are categorized, prioritize your list starting at 1 until all tasks are numbered.

In a calendar or planner, write down all of the appointments you have scheduled that week.

When you first look at a blank calendar week, start by placing appointments with specific time slots on each day. Factor in travel time - for instance, if your meeting starts at 3, you could write 2:45 on the schedule so you have a realistic amount of time allotted to arrive.

You can be productive and creative at your job. Learn how I organize my week for work flow and productivity in this creative lifestyle blog post

Fill in each day with 3 to-dos, placing top priority tasks at the beginning of the week.

Monday 1-3, Tuesday 4-6, Wednesday 7-9, etc.

If you have miscellaneous tasks left over, make a small list in your planner for ‘filler’ to-dos that are lower priority and can be done whenever you have a free moment.

You glow girl! Own your brilliance and let your creativity shine this work week with a little extra organization and time management.

Come up with a personal challenge for each day.

This tips has less to do with productivity and more to do with building your momentum. Set a unique goal for each day that focuses on self-development.

Some examples could be going for a hike, having coffee with your sister, reading a few chapters of your book, or volunteering with a local outreach.

I’m always looking for new strategies to streamline my workflow so I can reach my goals faster and with more flow!

How do you make the most of your work week? I’m always looking for new strategies to streamline my workflow so I can reach my goals faster and with more flow! Share your productivity hacks in the comments section below.