Lifestyle Tips To Treat Anxiety Naturally

Take time to smell the roses and take care of yourself and your anxiety

Growing up, I struggled with anxious thoughts and the feeling of my internal ‘motor’ running too hot. I tend to be a high energy person - which tends to lead to always having to be doing something and overworking myself to the point of burnout. As a teen I saw a few different counselors and was prescribed anxiety medication, which I started taking for a few months, but eventually stopped because I wanted to learn lifestyle tactics that would help me manage anxiety naturally. I by no means judge anyone who chooses to medicate anxiety - this was simply the route I had a peace choosing. Keep reading for the habits that changed my life and keep me calm!

Start your day with a walk outside.

More energizing than a cup of coffee? I like to call this habit my morning “thinking time.” Our generation has an alarming fear of being alone with themselves. Try to walk a few times a week without music or a podcast and just listen to the sounds of the world around you.

Beginning the day with a moving meditation, not only opens up your body and gets your blood flowing - it clears up any negative thoughts and helps you tap into your intuition.

creative lifestyle blogger Emily r hess shears about how she manages anxiety through serving others

Serve others.

Sometimes we can get really stuck in our crazy world, and forget that everyone has problems of their own and we all need each other.

Volunteer time to donate your skills to your community. Bake and decorate a bath of cupcakes, then deliver to your family. Clean out your closet and drop it off at a local donation center.

Schedule in a slow day once a week.

Sabbath day where you don’t worry about timeliness or being productive. When you feel anxious about not ‘doing’ or achieving, start a hobby that requires your mind to be occupied on one thing at a time. For me, that is painting and drawing, watching an episode of Documentary Now, or giving myself at home spa treatments like a mani and facial.

creative lifestyle blogger and business owner Emily r hess recommends taking take to relax each day

Take a moment for yourself at the end of the day.

When I end my day with quiet relaxation time, alone in my bathroom, I sleep much better and wake up feeling fresher. No matter how rough the day was, having this time to care for myself reminds my of my intrinsic worth outside of what I was able to accomplish.

I spend about 20 minutes, lights dimmed, candle burning, jazz music playing - I start by rinsing off with a steamy shower, double cleansing my face, applying serums, and massaging lavender infused oil all over my body.

anxiousness comes from stress, and if you are refusing to rest you may be more stressed. Creative blogger and luca creative co founder Emily r hess describes how she deals with anxiety

Check in with your intuition and decide to follow it.

A lot of anxiousness stems from operating oppositely of what your soul is asking for.

You’re worn down but refusing to rest, hating your job but making no adjustments, hanging out with a friend that makes you feel heavy. All of these behaviors lead to dis-ease because we’re putting our body and mind through a situation our souls don’t align with.

How do you manage life’s challenges and care for your mental health? Share any lifestyle tips and habits that have helped you in the comments below!