How To Find Clothes You’ll Love Forever


If you’ve ever bought something and it ends up getting pushed to the back of your closet, you're not the only one. Or if you’ve fallen in love with a shirt, only to decide a season later you don’t like it anymore, I’ve been there too. I like to put my money towards things that I absolutely adore and will last in my wardrobe for years.


How do you find those perfect staple pieces? It can be a challenge to fight fast fashion culture and find clothes you love forever. To help with our fall shopping I’ve pieced together a little guide to find clothing you will love for a long time. 


1. Shop more in-store vs. online. 

I know online shopping is convenient but nothing beats feeling the fabric and trying it on before buying. To add another layer, I try to reserve shopping for when I’m traveling. I find that when I’m in a new environment, I am more inspired and find clothes that I remind me of the trip later. The good memories attached to that boutique dress is more precious than the piece itself and you’ll value it more than just a Forever21 dress you picked up impulsively. 


2. Set your own buying standards. 

This could be a monthly clothing budget or only shopping ethically. When I decided to only purchase clothing that was sustainably made, secondhand or handmade I completely curbed my shopping addiction. I started spending less time and money on clothing, while my closet minimized to pieces I actually wear! 

3. Keep a wishlist or inspiration board. 

Save articles of clothing or outfits you really love to a Pinterest board and refine it over time. Notice if there is a pattern in what you’re pinning or particular style you’re repeatedly drawn to. This exercise develops a clarity on what your personal style is so you can make better buying choices. 


4. Wait a month or two to buy.

If your affinity for cheetah skirts intensifies after three months, and you’re still adding them to your pin board - it’s probably a piece you’ll get a lot of wear out of. Try researching 10 different ways to wear that key piece so you have a wide range of ideas of how you’ll style it with other clothing in your closet!


5. Look for one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Searching for vintage or handmade pieces is my favorite way to be sustainable in style. When you come across a beauty by fate (or by tirelessly searching), you’re less likely to be ‘over it’ in a matter of weeks and dispose of it at your next yard sale. You know that it’s the only one out there and letting it go to waste would be like throwing away a rare gem.


Doing a little research is valuable when it comes to creating a wardrobe that you truly love. Testing things in the changing room and paying attention to the cuts and colors of your favorite things will help guide your future decisions as well. If you notice you gravitate towards your favorite t0shirt with cap sleeves, you might like a dress with a similar sleeve. 

Let me know what some of your favorite pieces are and how you found them in the comments below!