Ways To Sustainably Try Out Trends In Your Closet

Save the planet with ethical fashion choices. Wear thrifted and eco-friendly things!

After working in the fashion world as a stylist in NYC, I can’t give up my love for street style and fresh trends. I am as passionate about fashion as I am in living ethically and sustainably. With everything going on in the world around us- forest fires and trash in the ocean - I decided it was a good time to share about how I experiment with new trends while doing what I can to use less.


Instead of going out to buy new outfits, I like to upcycle the pieces in the back of my closet and thrift for vintage gems inspired by what’s trending. I’ve discovered that it makes you appreciate your clothes more when you seek out ‘the one’ and put your personal touch on each piece. 

Sporting biker shorts from cropped leggings, some diy biker shorts, to be more eco friendly and dress sustainably
  1. DIY your own version of trending street style. When I started getting an itch to wear the bike shorts trend - I just cut one of my millions of pairs of leggings above the knee. I love matching active sets so I paired these cut Girlfriend cream leggings with their coordinating Paloma Bra. Upcycling to get more wear out of a well-loved piece is always a good idea!

  2. Thrift for eras you see coming back. The nineties are a safe bet when shopping secondhand - high waisted Levis, grunge graphic tees, striped turtlenecks. Research styles from different eras and play ‘dress up’ in the thrift store as you pair together throwback looks. I personally love a good 70’s vibe of ringer tees and button-fly wide leg jeans.

Rent an outfit to try out a new fashion trend in a sustainable way!

3. Rent an outfit for a special occasion. The best way to see if a trend is for you is to live in it for a day. If you end up loving how you feel in the pieces, you know it’s worth the investment and you’ll get many more wears out of it in the future! An important factor in sustainability is the lifetime of your fashion choices. 

4. Swap clothes with a friend (or older sis). Sometimes I just want to participate in a trend but am well aware that it’s a short lived mood I’m in and will probably be over it in three months. If you have a gal pal that’s willing - do a mini closet swap so you can both branch out into new styles you might not purchase on your own.

5. Go with low-commitment options, like painting your nails a trendy color or buying a scrunchie to pull your hair back. Rather than buying a whole outfit that has limited use, play with trends on a smaller scale that doesn’t require splurging or later purging.  I love this necklace from Mejuri to accent my outfit.

Sporting biker shorts from cropped leggings, some diy biker shorts, to be more eco friendly and dress sustainably

When I do go shopping I look for ethical fashion brands that have minimal to no packaging. I like to know that what I am wearing and supporting comes from a good place. Put your money to good things and before you go on a shopping spree test out your ideas! (And don’t forget your reusable tote, of course!)

Do you follow trends or tend to stick with timeless looks? Leave your ideas for updating outfits in the comments below!