Life Is About Creating Who You Are

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If there’s one thing I am fairly certain of, it is that we aren’t here to ‘find’ ourselves, but rather ‘create’ ourselves. Whether or not you consider yourself a creative person, the truth is we all seek to create, problem-solve, build, and grow. We make choices everyday that change our reality, whether it is a thought that shapes our brains, food that generates new cells, or a conversation that builds a relationship bond. When you try to find yourself, you are looking externally for answers of who you are to become. You make a multiple-choice quiz of your life options. Shall I be - a) a career-driven business women, b) a stay at home mom to 5 cuties, or c) a solo world traveler? But when you switch on your brain and realize you are empowered to create your life, you search within. You realize the options are endless because love is your compass. If you do what you love to love those you serve, the daunting question of ‘Is this the right thing to do?’ is no longer relevant.

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If you don’t know where to start when finding what you love to do, ask yourself these three questions.

Q: What would I volunteer my time to do for free?

Q: If I could make a day of any size, what would it consist of, who would I be with, and where would I be?

Q: What is something I have always wanted to try but have neglected?

If the answers don’t pop up straight away, gently move forward and keep your heart open. Continue asking yourself these questions every week, without the pressure of ‘having to know.’ Eventually an answer will arise and that’s when you know you’ve started a spark.

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Creating who you are is a full time gig - there are no days off. It’s not tiresome however, and it never gets old because by creating, you are fulfilling your innate desires and fueling your soul. You can choose to dig up what is making you feel dead inside and plant the seeds for what will bloom into purpose, connection, and meaning. Right now, grab a piece of paper or start a new note in your iPhone and jot down three things that make you feel heavy and could be removed from your life. Now write down three things that make you feel exuberant and inspired. Be mindful of steering clear of those habits or situations that don’t make you feel like the gem you are, and make room to do more of those that give you life. You’ve got this, love.

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