Making Healthy Easy While You Travel

Traveling can really throw off your body if you’re not prepared and can leave you feeling groggy afterwards. To have bursting energy on your trip and be able to bounce back quickly when you return home, your body needs adequate nutrition. 

Pack a few staples for quick meals like avocado toast, chickpea pasta, rice and veggie stir fry and pick up the fresh ingredients at a local grocer when you arrive Not only do you stick with nutrient rich foods that your digestion loves, but you also save money by not eating out every meal!

1. Pack your own staples.

Wholesome bread and a healthy pasta (like one made from chickpeas) or brown rice pack easily in your checked bag for quick meals when you arrive. All you need is to boil water for the pasta, or toast up some whole grain bread and add avocado! 

sydney-australia-travel (10).jpg

2. Bring snacks in your carry on. 

My favorite are paleo puffs, Lara bars, and dark chocolate. I also bring Yogi detox tea to sip on the plane and every night before bed. 

3. Blend a beauty drink.

Check if you’ll have a blender and bring a greens powder like spirulina to boost your smoothies. Pick up a bag of frozen fruit and coconut water at the store (most gas stations even sell fruit + coco water!) You can have a healthy grab ‘n go breakfast ready in under 5 every morning.  

4. Stop at a grocery store when you arrive

Pick up greens, avocado, fruit, and raw veggies to munch on. Two other items in my grocery tote would be coconut milk, dairy free yogurt for breakfast and hummus for veggie snacks. 


5. Always travel with a whole food vitamin.

I like Garden of Life women’s gummy multivitamins to make sure you’re getting all your micronutrients and support your body through the time and environment change.


What are your favorite quick meals to take on the go? Leave your recipe idea in the comments or tell us your go-to healthy takeout order when you’re traveling!