Monday Momentum To Kickstart Your Creativity

To be on your creative thinking a-game you have to find what routines build momentum so you can be ready to deliver innovative solutions. Read my blog for more creative ides!

I frequently get asked the question ‘how do you find inspiration to keep creating?’ Having a creative career is a lot less about relying on inspiration and much more about forming habits that kickstart my creativity. When you have to be on your creative thinking a-game daily, you have to find what routines build momentum so you can be ready to deliver innovative solutions.

My morning routine sets me up for a successful day whether I am shooting on a set, designing an ebook, or meeting with a client. After tuning my physical, mental, and spiritual well being right when I wake up, I go through a series of five habits to get my creative juices flowing. This practice preps my mindset to think outside the box.

My morning routine  sets me up for a successful day whether I am shooting on a set, designing an  ebook , or meeting with a client. A

1. Set the environment for your creativity to thrive.

A clean workspace equals a clear headspace. When you walk into your work zone, tidy up any miscellaneous messes and put away anything that was left out from the day before. Whether or not you’re consciously aware of the distraction, seeing pieces of other projects sitting out on your desk will deter your focus.

It might seem a bit extra… but lighting a candle, diffusing energizing oils, and playing an upbeat playlist get me in a creative mood, so I don’t hold back!  

Your brain is incredible. You are bright, smart, and creative, so tap into that and read more about how I use my creativity for work as a blogger, photographer, and marketer

2. Put hydration in arms reach.

Coffee or tea and a glass of h2o are on my desk at all times. I learned this week that when you are dehydrated your brain volume shrinks, making it less efficient and more prone to fatigue, irritability, and anxiety. Crazy right?!

Let’s prevent those side effects at all costs and keep water by your side to sip when you need a boost of brain power.

bright and beautiful photographs are something I love to look at. Develop your aesthetic with a little bit of creativity

3. Open your notebook before your macbook.

Maybe I took this practice from high school art class, but I’m a believer in starting my creative process in my notebook before I begin building. I have disciplined myself to reach for pen and paper before my computer to come up with my best ideas. I find a blank sheet of paper to be inspiring, whereas a blank screen feels intimidating.

Jot down any ideas that spark in your mind as well as rough sketches that portray the vision in your mind. Paste any magazine cutouts or printed Pins that inspire you to add extra visuals.

getting ready for my next creative blogging project about being self employed and finding creativity each day.. tap into that creativity!
color swatches, a good snack, journals, and my laptop are some tools to help my creative work flow

4. Start with your ‘focus’ project + eliminate distractions.

There’s a work tactic called ‘eating your frog’ which refers to completing your most daunting task first thing in the day. I’ve found this model to be a good strategy for preventing procrastination and prioritizing your most important work.

I also find my creativity, focus, and energy to be the strongest early on in the day. Putting the task that requires you to be all in at the forefront of your schedule allows you to show up as your most brilliant self to that project.

Eliminate any distractions such as notifications from your inbox, text messages, and Instagram. Put your phone out of sight and quit out of any apps that you aren’t using.

Make a mood board and follow your vision to kickstart your daily creativity

5. Have a mood board to stay aligned with the vision.

I’m guessing many of you are visually driven like me and work best with imagery to guide you through a project. I love to make a physical mood board for my projects with magazine cutouts, paint samples for color schemes, printed images, and my own sketches or thoughts.

Shared Pin boards are great when you're collaborating on projects with a team or client. A tip for finding the inspiration you want is to look for curated boards or accounts with a similar vibe to your vision, rather than searching for single pins at a time.


I would love to hear if you try any of these habits and found your creativity spark! Comment below if you found this creative work routine to be helpful and share your own tips for getting in a productive flow.