My Weekend Relaxation Rituals

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Friday afternoon is my time to let go of the work week behind me and switch into a slower pace of being. Being an all-in type of person means switching off work mode requires more than just a mindset shift. I love going through a relaxation routine to calm my mind and free pent up stress in my body. Try these rituals out for yourself and see how good you feel going into the weekend!


1. Clear your space.

Right when you get home, take 10 minutes (I even set a timer on my iPhone!) to tidy up your space. Setting a short time frame keeps you from getting nit picky about the fingerprints on your cabinet and spending the whole night scrubbing away. The point here is to do a quick clean so your home is ready for you to unwind.

2. Set the mood.

Light a few candles throughout the house to create an ambiance and fill the air with your favorite scents. Then put on a chill playlist to calm your mind.

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3. Take a steamy shower.

Go ahead girlfriend and lock that bathroom door behind you. Take as long as you need to completely let go of the week’s stresses. I’ve been loving this body scrub on days that I have a little extra time in the shower to exfoliate away dryness for super soft skin! I also like to apply a face mask while I shave, let conditioner soak in, etc.


4. Give your skin extra love.

After you shower, put on a cozy robe and stay for a few extra minutes while you prep your skin for beauty rest. I start my routine with a rose water toner on a cotton pad, then massage in a hyaluronic acid serum. Massage your face with up and outward motions, pressing in the products focusing on circling your fingers around your nose, cheekbones, and jawbone. I follow up the serum with a face oil and mist all over with a hydrating spray.

5. Mini stretch or yoga sesh.

Do a few stretches from memory or put on a short YouTube video to lead you. There’s something about getting that last bit of tension out from your body through movement. The warm shower to loosen muscles combined with lengthening stretches - what could be better?!


6. Brew a cup of relaxation tea.

My go-to for bedtime is a cup of soothing caramel tea. If I’m feeling extra that night, I will make my own golden turmeric tea with ground turmeric, ginger, pepper, cinnamon, and stevia warmed up in a little almond milk.

7. Read an inspiring book.

Before you turn on your screen, have just 15-30 minutes of reading time. Getting positive thoughts flowing through your brain boosts happy hormones and gives you inspiring solutions for your own life. Currently I’m reading Eat Pretty, Conversations With God, and Awaken The Giant Within.

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8. Make a beauty snack.

Rather than treating yourself to a pint of Ben + Jerry’s, make a nourishing and delicious snack that will do good for your body rather than harm it! I typically will make a superfood smoothie with ingredients like Acai, cacao, or supergreens. If you love ice cream, blend frozen bananas with a dash of almond milk and top with chocolate chips, nut butter, and coconut. For popcorn lovers, try this trick of adding a dash of superfood powder like cinnamon, spirulina, or beet powder to organic popcorn for an extra boost!

9. Get lost in a show or movie.

No, I’m not going to tell you not to Netflix and chill. Honey, go for it! Lately, I’ve been feeling the benefits of getting out of my own head and seeing the world through other’s perspective via shows and movies! I think it can be super beneficial for widening your horizons and even learning a new thing or two.

10. Take a few deep breaths.

Try to go to bed around your normal bedtime hour for the best sleep quality - our bodies crave routine! As you crawl into bed, pause for a moment before dozing off to breathe deeply. Roll on essential oils, such as lavender or bergamot for a stronger calming effect. Lie your head on a silk pillowcase, close your eyes and start dreaming, beautiful!