One Size Never Fits All

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When you scroll through Instagram, the #ad captions tell you any problem can be resolved in one simple step. Workouts that will transform your body, courses that will jumpstart your business, skincare routines to cure breakouts forever. Truthfully, none of these ‘keys to success’ will lead to sustainable change if you aren’t connected to yourself. They might even be counterproductive to your success if they aren’t the right fit.

Exploring the streets of Florence, Italy.

Imagine wearing your friends already broken in VEJA sneakers. Pair them with the most Pinterest-worthy outfit and you should be feeling amazing, right? Now add to the equation that they’re a little too snug and the sole is shaped by your friends narrow feet. You’ll get about three blocks down the street and want to run home to put on your own trusty trainers - no matter how cool your friends look.

Travel blogger friends in little streets of Italy.
Rose Gardens in Florence, Italy.

Wearing someone else’s version of success always flops at some point. I have found this to be oh so true in my life, particularly in the categories of career, relationships, and wellbeing. If I would have followed my high school counselors advice, I’d still be sitting in a college classroom rather than in my home office writing this post. If I listened to the advice of skeptical friends and acquaintances, I wouldn’t have gotten married at 20 and definitely wouldn’t have started a company with the man I’m married to.

When you listen to the whispers of who you are at your core, you can create your own formula for success. Be honest with yourself - what is working and what just isn’t for you. What makes you shine and what weighs you down? The things that drive you nuts, might actually be where you find your brilliance. What you want to ‘waste’ time doing instead of your homework, could turn into your future career.

Each of our paths are filled with varied experiences, scars and healed wounds, setbacks and triumphs. You can’t expect an experiment with hundreds of variables to turn out the same as another by tweaking one area. Find peace in being 100% you and do whatever is necessary to cultivate your happiest, healthiest self.