Styling Tips For Stunning Lifestyle Images

I believe in creating content that connects the head to the heart

Have you ever felt the disconnect of a heartfelt caption and an image that doesn’t quite match? I believe in creating content that connects the head to the heart - which is why I created an e-book to serve as a guide through the content creation process.

Luca Creative Co Designer and Creative blogger Emily r hess shares how to brand yourself through images and stories

Intentional imagery is incredibly important for storytelling and branding, which is why they say a picture is worth a thousand words! Our minds think in stories, which is why people respond best to this marketing strategy. Storytelling has become something I often implement into my business and strategies at Luca Creative Co.

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Story telling images help you creatively connect with your audience and viewers

Flatlays are one of my favorite ways to tell a story visually. In this post I’ll give you the whole process I think through when setting up a storytelling image, using props and positioning to engage your community.

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I love to share pieces of my day and life at work with all of you. Leave a comment below with questions you have about building a meaningful brand.

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