The Social Life Of An Outgoing Introvert

Creative blogger Emily r hess shares what it is like to be an outgoing introvert. Or a people lover that needs time for herself.

I recently posted a caption on Instagram about craving creative time at home vs. going out on weekends. So many of you could relate and commented that you felt the same tension of being an introvert.

More times than not, I get a surprised reaction when I tell people I’m an introvert because I seem outgoing in groups, love to meet new friends, and have no problem networking with other business owners. However, by the time Friday rolls around I can feel completely drained from a week of meetings, coaching, calls... the list goes on. When friends are ready to head out to the city on Friday nights, I would rather curl up on the couch or paint with a glass of wine.

Balance along time with relationships is important for your brilliant life. You glow girl!

Balancing time alone with staying active in my relationships has always been a challenge. I tend to swing between the extremes of spending every moment with someone and avoiding time alone to wishing I lived on an island and loving moments of introspection.  

At 22, I am (beginning to) gain perspective on my tendencies and counterbalance my weaknesses to find a healthy equilibrium. Below are a few ways I feed my introverted soul so I don’t end up needing a whole weekend to recover from a socially engaged week.

Wake up early and take yourself on dates to get the me-time you crave, says creative blogger and Luca Creative Co CEO Emily r hess

1. Wake up early.

I discovered the magical energy of waking up before the rest of the world in my late teens and have loved early mornings every since. Starting my day with solitude, space, and uninterrupted creativity sets me up for a successful week.

My mornings often start around 5 or 6am and go through waves of varying routines. I keep the basics the same of including hydration, movement, inspiration, and hygiene. Some activities I really love to incorporate into my routine are a yoga class, 20 minute workouts, writing blog posts, making mood boards, mapping out creative projects, and reading an thought-provoking book.

quiet time is important to stay balanced and healthy, especially if you are an outgoing intorvert

2. Make a habit around ‘quiet time’.

Find a slot in your day where you have white space in your schedule and reserve it for alone time. Often I fit this in between meetings or when I break for lunch. I like to spend this quiet time going for a walk or sitting outside while I eat a nourishing meal (without my phone).

The main focus for making a habit out of quiet time is to check in with yourself, gage your energy and take care of your wellbeing. During these times are when I tend to think of fresh ideas and reset my energy to keep going for the rest of the day.

I always feel my self worth soar when I give myself permission to do what I love all on my own.

3. Take yourself out on dates.

Okay this might sound cheesy, but there really is something confidently sexy about taking yourself out to get a glass of rose or spending a Saturday shopping at your favorite thrift stores.

I always feel my self worth soar when I give myself permission to do what I love all on my own. You don’t need to stay at home when no one is available - get out and have a blast enjoying life’s simple pleasures!

Disconnecting and taking some me time is important to stay true to your brilliant self

4. Turn off 24/7 connectivity.

Notifications popping up every 5 seconds can make you feel overwhelmed with interaction, even when you aren’t actually connecting with the relationships that are a priority in your life.

Turn on ‘do not disturb’ or put your phone on airplane mode from after dinner until the next day when you start working. This break of texting, responding to DM’s, checking your emails, will give your mind a break to think rather than just react. If you go for a walk - try leaving your cell in the car.

Balance your schedule so “me time” is a part of it

5. Have a pattern of ‘me’ nights vs. ‘social’ nights.

If your friends tend to get together on Saturday nights, make Sunday nights an evening at home. If you can get away to a yoga class on Wednesday nights - schedule Thursday nights as a date night with your love.

Planning for down time allows you to be completely present and excited when you are catching up with people you love.

Are you more introverted or extroverted? What are some ways you balance your ‘social’ tendencies? Comment below!