Ways to Wind Down After Your Work Day

A creative day full of bright possibilities and creative dreams means you probably need to make a conscious decision to chill out.

For all the highly-motivated, hustling women out there, you probably have to make a conscious decision to chill out. My husband simply turns on a show and switches into his evening wind down routine, whereas I need a little more reminders to my body and mind that it’s time to rest.

My evening rituals start by heading into the bathroom, closing the door behind me, and setting an environment of rejuvenation. To be honest, I rarely feel like going through this whole routine, but once I get started I remember how much I love it and how refreshed it leaves me.

lighting candles is a wwonderful way to relax after a creative day, especially for someone who writes creative blogs and is self-employed

1. Dim the lights and burn candles.

At the moment, my bathroom scents are cedarwood + fig and agave nectar + primrose. I love looking for candles that are scented with essential oils for their aromatherapy benefits. The warm ambiance of burning wicks is the best way to light up a room without stimulating your brain from artificial light.

By bathroom is my at home spa after a long and creative work day. I go through my skin care routine for healthy skin, polish my nails, and drink tea.

2. Turn on a chill playlist.

Music helps shift your mood and mindset from productivity mode to relaxation time. I tend to put on jazzy or lo-fi tunes that slow down my busy thoughts.   

music is a designers way to creativity and also a way to de-stress and detox after a busy brilliant day blogging and doing photo shoots

3. Have a warm shower with eucalyptus.

Fill a vase with eucalyptus or even tie a bunch to your shower head. Steam from the warm water will diffuse a fresh scent from the leaves and transform your bathroom into a spa.

ten minutes to pamper yourself goes a long way in the realm of healthy living and finding time to relax when you are self employed

4. Do an at-home mani or pedi.

I can never bring myself to spend $20 at a nail salon, but I can justify 10 minutes of my own time to pamper myself with an at-home mani + pedi. I recently purchased a nail kit which has made taken my manicure routine up a notch. Try to use polish free of harmful chemicals when you can!

tea is soothing and calming and my favorite way to wind down after a long day

5. Sip a cup of calming tea.

Almost every night I make a bedtime tea an hour before dozing off. My go-to is a soothing caramel herbal blend. I’ve also been experimenting with mushroom elixirs lately - this reishi hot cacao mix and golden latte mix with a splash of coconut milk are my favorite at nighttime.

take the time each day to care for your skin. It only takes five minutes to keep my skin healthy year round. Healthy skin and a creative mind are two things that make me happy.

6. Take time to care for your skin.

New post coming soon on my skincare specifics, but briefly - I go through a routine of oil cleanser, gel cleanser, toner, exfoliator, serum, moisturizer, botanical oil, and hydrating mist. It sounds like a ridiculous amount of steps, I know, but it takes under 5 minutes and keeps my skin healthy year round. You’ll wake up glowing the next morning!


What are your habits to help you unwind on weeknights? Leave a comment below!