What do I do for work anyways?

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Starting my own business has been a whirlwind of excitement and hard work since I began in March, 2018. I receive a lot of questions about what I do and what Justin does for work, and I think it’s time I clue you in on some of the behind the scenes action and what goes on outside of my blog, YouTube and Instagram.

Luca Creative Co. is now an all-female company that seeks to empower women as we work in marketing and create beautiful designs, websites, branding, and strategies for others to help them navigate the social media world. It has been a dream of mine to start a business like this since highschool that has quickly become a full fledged job and company. 

To mark the beginning of The Luca Journal our writer posed a few questions about the essence of Luca and where it all began. I know many of you are looking for similar answers, some which I have shared below and other’s you can find on the Luca Site

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Q: When did you first have an idea for Luca?

A: “Since high school I way always saying I wanted to start my own business, but it wasn’t until I interned as a stylist for a photography studio that I found my niche in the branding world. That job led to moving to NYC to work on the marketing team at American Eagle Outfitters, where I realized my passion for social media marketing. I wanted to start a creative company when I moved back to Lancaster, but decided to take an offer as a full time content creator. After a year pumping out Instagram, blog and YouTube content daily I felt the tug again to start my company.  I put in a month’s notice as a content creator and went full time freelance. As I was getting set up to do freelance photography and videography, I decided to give my company a name other than my own because ultimately I wanted it to grow far beyond me!”

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Q: What dream did Luca fulfill?

A: “My dream for Luca was to build a team of collaborative artists that merge the realms of business and art. I was frustrated by the divide of marketing teams and designers and wanted them to meet in the middle - to understand the importance of numbers, but also the attraction of an intentional aesthetic. 

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Q: How as Luca Changed in the past year and a half?

“The original vision was for me to start the company and eventually have my husband join me. Six months after I started Luca, Justin left his full time job and we became a husband-wife creative duo.  One day I called Justin and said ‘I have a vision for the company and… it doesn’t involve you. How do you feel about that?’”

I wanted to create a team of all-female artists, a strong collaborative team that knew what good and beautiful marketing looked like. As we welcomed more women to the team and began to find our unique place among other marketing companies, Luca was suddenly in for a rebrand of its own. 

Join the rest of our conversation on The Luca Journal! Our creative team will be posting valuable content every Friday on topics like writing a newsletter subject line and creating a content calendar. 

A genuine ‘thank you’ goes out to all of you lovely readers that keep checking in every week for new posts. Your encouraging comments, emails and DM’s are the reason why I am so passionate about women supporting women as we make our dreams happen! 

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