What’s In My Carry-On Bag

Traveling in comfort is definitely an art; it takes going over a few bumps in the road before you find the tricks to smooth sailing. I love having my travel essentials strapped to me throughout the trek to the next destination. Snacks? Check. Music? Check. Even an optional but totally worth it silk pillowcase so you can rest your head and wake up ready to adventure? Check, check, check. This list is my foolproof collection of carry-on necessities to make even the longest flights enjoyable.  

Traveler and blogger poses with suitcase en route to the airport.

Silk pillowcase

  • Slip this pillowcase over the complimentary pillow on your flight and voila - a luxurious way to catch some zzz’s even on red eyes.

Sheet Face Mask

  • I always bring a sheet mask on flights because multitasking with skincare is productive right?  I will warn you however, that you will get strange stares when wearing a borderline horror-film mask. I suggest waiting until most passengers are asleep and the cabin lights are off to get your glowy skincare routine on.

Blue light glasses

  • These are by my side day in and day out, whether I am traveling or working from home. They prevent eye strain, aka headaches, from looking at a screen and are perfect for typing on your laptop or watching a movie on your flight.

Plane fashion is casual and comfortable for traveling to Australia
Thinking about ethical fashion while on board a plane to Australia where some of my favorite sustainable companies and businesses are located

B&O headphones

  • I’m no audio-expert, but I have compared the quality of headphones side-by-side and can say these are the best I’ve found. Not to mention they are made from the highest quality materials, ahem 100% lambskin that sits comfortably on your ears and have the best noise cancelling technology so you can tune out the baby crying in the seat behind you.

A good read - Designing Your Life

  • A book is essential when traveling. With so many minutes waiting to board, takeoff, or uber to your airbnb, getting absorbed in a good read will make the time fly by and opens up your mind to the new experiences that surround you.

Empty water bottle

  • Pack an empty bottle (bpa-free of course) to fill up after security and take with you on the plane. Dehydration will sneak up on you after a long day so be prepared by having  h2o handy!

Glow powder probiotic drink mix

  • Probiotics are a must-have for traveling to make your skin glow, aid in digestion and support a healthy gut. Your body needs a little extra boost when being exposed to all sorts of environmental changes!

Photograph of traveler with suitcase and sunglasses ready to explore

Tea bags

  • Just ask for hot water (free!) at the airport Starbucks or on your flight and brew your favorite calming cup! I love this honey lavender blend to chill me out when I get through the hustle of navigating and finally sit down on the plane.

Nourishing snacks - crispy chickpeas, veggie chips, nut mix, dark chocolate

  • Snacks are kind of the best thing ever no matter if you’re 5 or 25. I love picking up a variety of packable-sized sweet and salty treats for travel days. It’s a good idea to do this prior to your trip because everything is overpriced at airport convenience stands!

Portable charger

  • You will likely use your mobile device more than the average day when you’re traveling and the battery will take a dive by noon. In case you can't find an outlet or your plane was built circa 1950, bring a portable charger so you don’t get stuck in a panic of not being able to call an uber (or your mom)  once you arrive at your destination.