Why Quiet Time is Essential In A Noisy World 

After having a busy season in my first year of business, followed by a period of burn out, I knew I needed to take steps in 2019 towards a healthier mind. 

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Meditation has become mainstream medicine for the mind and after hearing person after person rave about the benefits, I decided to give it a try. I started meditating every morning with the app Headspace. In the first 5 minutes guided meditation, I felt an ease on my mind, like it had been straining for months on end and finally found relief. The fog of stress and anxiety cleared out a bit and I was having more calm and controlled thoughts. A little break on my mind felt good, so dedicating five minutes a day towards it wasn’t hard to stick with. 

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A few weeks later, I committed to a month of yoga and started to apply the tools from my guided meditations during savasana (the final relaxation pose). I remembered what the voice in Headspace would say - ‘Thoughts are like cars in traffic - don’t stop the traffic, let them pass through.’ 

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I started to realize this time in silence - only focusing on being still and breathing - was helping me focus more later in the day. I was getting a grip on my anxious thoughts. Operating out of fight or flight mode became less of my norm. 

With phones stuck to our fingers and 24/7 accessibility to anyone in the world, it can feel like you’re always switched ON. We aren’t created to live in a constant state of stimulation and distraction. Just as your body needs periods of rest and recovery from working out, your brain needs a rest to function at its highest level. 

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Whether you call it meditation, solitude, or quiet time - we all need this practice built into our day. There’s peace in pausing production and finding stillness. I find this time to be when I connect with my creator and allow him room to breathe life into my spirit.

Have you tried meditation or quiet time? I’d love to know how you fit it into your day and what you do to calm your mind.