Beauty Blend E-Book | Sweet Superfood Smoothies

Beauty Blend E-Book | Sweet Superfood Smoothies


Smoothies are my not-so-secret staple for sticking with a healthy lifestyle. All of my superfood smoothies are inspired by sweet dessert cravings or childhood favorites, like wild berry pop tarts (remember those?)

I love how easy it is to whip up a smoothie in the morning and take it with you for the day. Busy girls out there - this will be your best life hack for when you’re running out the door but need nutrients to power your body + brain. 

Our skin, hair, and nails are built by what we put in our mouths. Rather than spending so much time and money on enhancing beauty from the outside - let’s be proactive and start glowing from within.  


    • 7 dessert-inspired smoothies for every day of the week

    • step by step guide to the perfect blend

    • my pantry + freezer stock list

    • superfood staples + their benefits

    • how to make a layered smoothie

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