Content Creation Guide E-Book

Content Creation Guide E-Book


After coaching over 30 women on photography + Instagram, I needed to bring the 5-week course straight to your device so you beauties can access it while you’re creating!

What’s Inside …

  • 22 pages of practical tips to take your content to the next level!

  • Style Quiz to nail down the aesthetic and purpose behind your posts

  • What’s in my camera bag - all the equipment I use + love!

  • Learn how to shoot in manual, use natural light, + compose a beautiful image

  • 4 easy to follow steps for styling flatlays

  • Full tutorial on editing with Lightroom

  • Scheduling apps and tips to plan your dream feed

Meet Emily -

I’m a lifestyle blogger who believes what you’re searching for is already inside of you. Working in creative media marketing and specializing in styled photography, videography, and brand design, I live to take the beautiful moments in life and capture them through photos and videos. I strive to take on a holistic approach to my work because life is made up of many things to be conscious of - like relationships,  generosity, and the earth we live on. I love the idea of finding what is truly, wholeheartedly, and sincerely you. I hope to encourage creativity of your own through giving you the tools needed to share your story through inspiring content and build a community of likeminded dreamers. Let’s go on this adventure together.



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